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Pest control and Termites fumigation


Looking for pest control Miami? Or pest control South Florida?

 Worried about termites in your home?

 If you are looking for pest control, consult the pest control specialists at Tritech pest control!

 The professionals here have over ten years of experience and will get rid of the termites and roaches in no time!

 Why Tritech?

 They are providing services for the Camillus House and the WSI. They also have the required license and are insured. So you are protected! They also offer organic treatments and green products and can get rid of termites in your home effectively.


 Termites are small pests and are about half inch long, and cause extensive damage to your home. Especially if you have wooden decks and furniture, termites love them.

 If you have termites in your home, your property is said to be under attack. You will not notice the effects immediately but if ignored, it may cost you a fortune.

 What are the signs that you have termites in your home?

 When you tap a wood, you get a hollow sound. You may also find termite droppings and some mud deposits on wood and walls.

 Solution – Termites fumigation

 Opt for Fumigation process wherein the structure will be covered by tarps. A fumigator takes care to see that all food, people, and pets are, removed from the building. Once the interior is prepared, the exterior will be sealed and the fumigant will be introduced. This gets deep into the wood and destroys the termites.

 The next thing the fumigator will do is allow for aeration. The tarps will be removed and then the air samples are tested for the presence of the fumigant. The process is said to be complete once the structure is safe to enter.

 Pests can create sickness in you. They carry with them various diseases. So do not make way for them in your home. Take care early and protect your home and your family!


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